If you haven't noticed already, this is mainly a music blog.

I started, after a billion other random, one night stand blogs, back in 2012 in an attempt to present and share my personal CD collection, uploading my own 320k CD-Rips of the records I possess. It went smooth, as smooth as it could be since my collection isn't anything special to my eyes but anyway, I was satisfied.

However, as time passed I felt the urge to write texts about the music I listened, and that involved all kinds of albums and not only the ones I had, so I decided to change the nature of the blog entirely. Apart from removing the once uploaded links (as well as deleting them from the media hosters) I began from scratch with my first review attempts and I continued for the most part of Arson Café's life in that spirit, at a decent pace.

Right now, I'm writing for Metal Invader and I didn't feel like posting reviews at two internet places (update 2019: that might change from now on), so go there if you still have the stomach for AThousandYearCorpse's commentary. As for this blog, it goes on with posting albums and streaming links so that you can check them out on the spot, pretty much any music I consider highly recommended. Of course, you can find wealthier articles about the albums posted in a lot of different sites, still hopefully / sadly, this blog isn't for you but for me. No downloads ever.

Even if it comes to one post a year, I will keep uploading year end lists and more lists in Arson Café, you're most welcome to come back for that!

If you want to read the old Arson reviews, they date back to July 2014. And backwards, good luck!

I don't root for popularity or daily statistics and stuff, the motive has always been the same: I like posting stuff somewhere. It's a personal blog, there are no patterns so whatever. If you have read this far, I appreciate it, thanks!


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