2 Aug 2020

Black Curse - Endless Wound

April 2020 | Sepulchral Voice Records

All too often go supergroups get formed, and all too often they crush and burn. The first time I heard Black Curse's demo in late 2019 I had no clue about the band members and kind of moved on after I listened to it a couple of times, noticing some rather good tracks but that was it. Only when the debut Endless Wound came around in April, I noticed the talk the album raised and looked closer to the line up, which includes people from impressive bands in modern underground extreme metal from the US (specifically: Spectral Voice, Khemmis, Primitive Man, Blood Incantation). However, the record would have been an even bigger bummer if it didn't deliver, yet it totally does. Black Curse stomp through with a murky, aggressive approach to black / death metal, with generous doses of slower rhythm parts that bring up a little bit of doom, highly venomous solos all around and above all, the most amazing characteristic of it, the vocals (courtesy of Eli Wendler - Spectral Voice). The awesome growls and paranoid shrieks take the compositions to another level (listen to the ending of "Seared Eyes", which is just one example), still the album holds a lot of intensity and power from the very first moments "Charnel Rift" comes in. Everything does its part properly, from the cavernous production to the thick, powerful compositions, and it gets better and better the more you listen to it. Apart from an instrumental track in between ("Lifeless Sanctum") which is a bit repetitive, the rest of Endless Wound is on point, backed up by top-notch music and lyrics of desperation. Great work from musicians who have been very active the recent years.

Listen to Endless Wound:

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