lo-fi lowlife - d. 5

Winslow Homer "The Woodcutter"

Winterfylleth - Casting the Runes
Ulver - Hymne IV: Wolf And Man
Pagan Hellfire - Plague Winds Howl Again
Sigh - Weakness Within
Forgotten Woods - Sjel av Natten
Clandestine Blaze - Myth Turned Alive
Vlad Tepes - Walachian Tyrant
Archgoat - Death and Necromancy
Negura Bunget - Blãznit
Avzhia - Black Prayer
Kawir - Eumenides
Abyssic Hate - Bloodletting

lo-fi lowlife - d. 4

The playlist:

Angelcorpse - Reap the Whirlwind
Veles - The Winter Morning
Diabolicum - The Hatecrowned Retaliation
Abigor - As Astral Images Darken Reality
Dødheimsgard - When Heavens End
Bilskirnir - Nordic White Desert
Setherial - Morkets Tid
Wolfsschrei - With Fangs and Claws
Necromantia - Ancient Pride
Inquisition - Nefarious Dismal Orations
Slaughtered Priest - Eternal Goat Reign
Horna - White Aura Buried in Ashes
Black Funeral - Valley Of The Shadow


Train Station Dark Side Imperial Ale

Lo-fi Lowlife - D. 3

The playlist:

Fluisteraars - Stuk
El-Ahrairah - Stone Throwers
Chätiment - Sang des Carpathes
Slægt - Det Første Efterår
Ramlord - The Breached Sanctum
Deathhammer - Evil Blood
Skelethal - Putrefaction
Peste Noire - Paysage Mauvais
Entrails - Collection of Cracked Heads
Sargeist - Returning to Misery & Comfort
Katharsis - Ascent from Ghoulgotha

The liquid:

Bernand Amber Lager