20 Dec 2017

AOTY 2017: Top Greek Metal

I surely prefer the last two years over 2017 when it comes to my homeland’s releases and I wasn’t blown away by almost anything. In fact, I was kindly disappointed by bands I expected more from, even though in some other occasions, I went through pleasing listens. Apart from a top ten, below you will find one EP / demo and split of the year, just one in each case. As I’m very keen in black and death metal, most of the stuff here, if not all, are records of the two genres.

The main reason I post a list like this (almost) all the time is because I want to keep notes of Greek releases each year, not because I have stronger interest or appeal about it than music from around the world. There are great artists who deserve recognition here, we have history and a few bands have gone very popular in the underground and not only, but if you limit your listening choices to a single place, you totally miss the pace of a genre, as a whole. I have some thoughts I might expand in a different article one day.

If you look at them strictly, a couple are not metal, I know!


10. Kawir - Εξιλασμός
9. Procrastinate - Procrastinate
8. DephosphorousImpossible Orbits
7. Acherontas - Amarta
6. SepticFleshCodex Omega
5. Βρωμόστομοι - Αποστόμωση
4. Locust LeavesA Subtler Kind of Light
3. ResurgencyNo Worlds… Nor Gods Beyond
2. Hate ManifestoTo Those Who Glorified Death
1. Natvre’sEarly Cvlts

EP of the year:
Deviser - Howling Flames

Demo of the year:
Black Blood Invocation – Black Blood Invocation

Split of the year:
Diablery / Shadowcraft - Entropy

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