R.I.P. Mysterious Wood

[[[[[[Just a couple of days ago i noticed that the popular blog Mysterious Wood was taken down. I can't think of a better blogspot about quality black metal and its a shame that its not around anymore. I myself had taken tons of stuff from over there. 

Every post was a result of the guy's personal work, offering only CD-Rips/FLAC Rips with the albums scans. That is the most complete form of an album to exist on the internet and he had almost everything first. 

I don't know if there are plans for the blog to restart or anything, i just wanna salute the almighty ShmiT and thank him for his effort. Big hails brother, you were one of the top.]]]]]]

Mysterious Wood FB page:


  1. He's been off from Metalarea as well since march,perhaps he got bored of business or is too busy.
    He did a great work but don't think all he posted was from his personal CD collection but he shared a lot of quality B.M. albums.
    A big loss,indeed.

  2. Yeah, i know that not all the albums from there were his, i more of meant that he had some stuff nowhere else to be found. It was the most complete source on black metal CD-Rips+Scans.

    Now, we have you man, Lucifer bless you.

  3. απο τα καλυτερα metal blogs εκει εξω!rip...τον θαψαμε κι αυτον οπως και το greek metal(για βλακωδεις λογους), μεγαλες απωλειες και οι 2.

  4. Κρίμα και για το Greek Metal, ανούσιο αίτημα ουσιαστικά, και δείχνει κάποια πράγματα περί δημοκρατίας της "δημοκρατικής πλευράς"... Ελπίζω να μην έφυγε και το Mysterious Wood για παρόμοιο λόγο. Και ναι, ήταν ίσως το καλύτερο για το είδος.

  5. He's back with the blog, man! http://mysterious-forest.webnode.ru/

    1. Yes, I noticed! Great comeback as well \m/

  6. Thank you very much friends! I am very pleased that my blog has been so valuable!
    I created a website Mysterious Forest that would revive all that was in the blog and add new things. As before, there will be only CD Rip, Flac Rip & Flac.