20 Apr 2013

Keep Of Kalessin - Through Times Of War (1997)

Keep of Kalessin "Through Times of War"
1997, Avantgarde Music

As much as they suck now, that good this album is. Its like, they used all the greatness they had on one album and kept the awfulness for the rest. They have managed to make the entire metal community to loathe them after the song with Alexander Rybak, i don't think i care anymore, this here is all i need. This album cannot be left out when we're talking about good black metal albums of the mid/late 90s, amazing atmosphere and compositional work.

Its not a mystery why they fucked up after this album. There was a crazy guy in Keep Of Kalessin that matched the philosophy of black metal perfectly back in 1996-1997. Then, after this album was released, he abandoned the band for reasons im not aware of. Keep of Kalessin started making this soft music and the crazy guy kept on creating music on his own. Mare and Aptorian Demon came out it. Ain't that justice.

Who is Kalessin? The eldest...

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