If you haven't noticed already, this is mainly a music blog.

I started, after a billion other random, one night stand blogs, back in 2012 in an attempt to present and share my personal CD collection, uploading my own 320k CD-Rips of the records I possess. It went smooth, as smooth as it could be since my collection isn't anything special to my eyes but anyway, I was satisfied.

However, as time passed I felt the urge to write texts about the music I listened, and that involved all kinds of albums and not only the ones I had, so I decided to change the nature of the blog entirely. Apart from removing the once uploaded links (as well as deleting them from the media hosters) I began from scratch with my first review attempts and I continued for the most part of Arson Café's life in that spirit, at a decent pace.

Right now, Ι'm returning back to regularly writing to Arson Cafe, or as regularly as I can, just in a different context: I do not approach the texts as a review and I will focus only on bands I'm interested in. During the gap of 2014 - 2019, I did post end year lists here but nothing else important, and during that time I was writing to Metal Invader, a Greek-based webzine. Of course, you can find wealthier articles about the albums posted in a lot of different sites, still hopefully / sadly, this blog isn't for you but for me. No downloads ever.

If you want to read the old Arson reviews, they date back to July 2014. And backwards, good luck!

I don't root for popularity or daily statistics and stuff, the motive has always been the same: I like posting stuff somewhere. It's a personal blog, there are no patterns so whatever. If you have read this far, I appreciate it, thanks!


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