6 Jul 2020

The Wizard - Imperial Stout by Strange Brew / Midnight Circus / Dark Crops

On the 13th of February this year, we celebrated 50 years from the release of Black Sabbath's first and self-titled album, and also the acclaimed "birth of heavy metal". This historic anniversary was also the motive behind the collaboration between three infamous Greek microbreweries, Strange Brew, Midnight Circus and Dark Crops, to join forces in creating a beer as heavy as the magnitude of the occasion, resulting in a 9.2% American Imperial Stout named "The Wizard". As they state on the can:

"Brewed on a misty morning,
Dark, heavy and loud,
This beer tastes like
The music that we love,
For 50 years now,
And on, and on, and on..."

I will avoid getting too technical describing the intense taste of this thick, plain black stout, but below is an appropriate short playlist that almost created itself during the process of enjoying it. Of course it could have been Black Sabbath songs only, but hey:

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