Thursday, 27 April 2017

Catalog: Top 10 war metal

Finally, I spent the time to gather shit for a list.  

I've been thinking about it for a long time and I think it would be a nice addition, posting various musical (or not) lists every now and then that I feel like uploading to the internet. After all, the procedure is egocentric and for personal pleasure for the most part, and less to share with the rest of the world. All list maniacs know that deep inside, even though we use superficial arguments like “share your favs as well, let's talk about them”. I don't feel that way, I just like listing stuff and the huge realm of the metal allows you to be as archival as you wish.

For starters, I thought of choosing something that has to do with sub categories I don't dig like crazy or I don't search in depth, instead I have listened to many stuff and have some specific albums I found memorable. War Metal is such a case and conducting a list works well for me, in order to have a point of return when looking for stuff to hear or comparing with new stuff, especially since I don't delve into all new or old albums of that scene. I have a couple of similar ideas for future posts like this, but no standard timeline has been set yet. While often, I enjoy more than one album by a band equally, I tried to stick with the one-record-by-artist rule.

A vital characteristic of the series, one that I will be stretching again and again, is exactly what the title says: my own favorite albums of the category. It's not the widely considered best ones, it's not the ones I personally think are the best, they are not the most important albums of their genre and the list is not meant to be educational. From number ten to number one, they are albums I like listening to, my favorite ones. Don't judge it by saying “how come …... are missing” or “where are …., they are much better than most of these records” etc... The order of the albums is also personal. It doesn't mean no. 4 is worse than no.3, just that I enjoyed it less. Enough with the talk.


9. Revenge (Can) - Scum.Collapse.Eradication (2012)

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